Fertilizer ok for digging?


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Hello! I have an outdoor Beardie area that i will let my dragon run around on while supervised. It used to be a garden, so there is a spot that has fertilized dirt. I was wondering if it was safe for lizards to dig in fertilizer because he was starting to dig in it and i wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t become sick. I have extra turf so it is np if i have to plug it up or remove the fertilizer and replace the hole with cocoa fiber.


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I wouldn't there is ammonia and phosphorus and all manners of other stuff in fertilizer


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If it's been previously used for gardening it's most likely fine, and not going to be much different than the dirt your lawn grows on. Over time, bacteria, microbes, plants, etc all break down organic and chemical fertilizers in the soil.

If the soil was recently treated with fertilizers, i'd be more cautious.


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