Female Bearded Dragon has hard lump in stomach

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Can you apply for care credit? I had people tell me to try it and being I am on unemployment I thought I wouldn't get it, but I did and I had some great friends help out with the rest. You can do a gofund me type of fund raiser for it. I would be willing to help out if you can get something going like that. http://www.gofundme.com/sign-in, or try a rescue center that might be willing to help out. Believe me I was in your shoes to on the money part on getting surgery for my girl. Let me know if I can help you get something going please.


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I agree with Bwalter. I had to do that for Kwayze who had a hard lump in her stomach. She needed surgery as well (she didn't make it though). Lumps in the stomach are serious issues and should be dealt with asap.

I will be honest and say that I got laid off in 2008 during the financial downturn and racked up my credit card debt just to stay afloat until I got through an MBA program and got a new job. We are still paying for that and suffering the consequences. However, Care Credit extended me credit last week even though we are tapped out so it is worth a shot. They also have long-term payment options. If it is greater than 1,000 they give you up to 48 months (I think) to pay for it.

I like Bwalter's fund-raising idea too. A lot of people will come out and show support for beardies.


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here are a few more things passed on to me that might help.
BTW, where are you located? It might help to get things going for you. There are a lot of people out here in the beardie world that would be willing to help out, just ask, I will do whatever it takes to help out getting your girl in to have checked out. If you want to PM me that would be fine too. I would hate to see you lose your girl.


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Great, I hope you don't mind me posting this on other beardie sites to try and help you. I posted some money to start it out for you. I wish I could do more, but its a start.


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What I did with my fund raiser is put it on Facebook and everyone I knew saw it and knew what was going on. You would be surprised at what your friends will help with. They all got together and got it done. Booger's surgery was $650, then she had 3 antibiotic shots at $32 each, and to send in the cyst to find out if it was cancer was $177, I paid the $650 and did the rest on payments. I got care credit for $500 and friends got the other $150 together in half hour.
How is your girl doing?


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I honestly don't think she'll last much longer. She's looking worse and worse each day. Gah...I should've checked her out earlier...

And 600$+ for the surgery? ...Good grief. I really feel like this just isn't gonna turn out.


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Is there a rescue close by that might be able to help you? Try and find a vet school near you ? Someone out there has to be in a position to help you out before you lose your girl. You can't wait to long or she will die. Believe me I begged with everyone, cried my heart out, but it did work out and got her in just in time.
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