Feelings or Personality of a Dragon ?????

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People do say that the Beardie's have no feelings like a dog or cat ! I have been reading about this and alot of the expert's and alot of blog's say that there is no feeling's in lizard's.I say that's wrong because for example I was just was holding and talking to My Beardie Lola and put Her back in Her enclosure and She is over there right now going off because She wants back out with Me .She is scratching the class and walking back and forth looking at Me begging just like a dog would.I also have noticed that if I scratch Her just behind Her ear holes LOL (I call it Her fat pouch) She will close Her eyes and open them back up when I stop .She will also beg for more food .In the short time that I have had Her (About a mth) She has learned Her name .I for one believe that She has feeling just as much as any dog or cat !!! What do You All think ? :study: :study: :study:


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I have also read that beardies' brains are severely underdeveloped in the parts that handle emotions, and are not capable of showing emotion. I think that is absolutely false. I am no scientist, but I know when Chief is sad, and when he is happy, and when he wants to show love. I think he's perfectly capable of showing emotion. And he is just FULL of personality.


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This is something that I was reading maybe true maybe not ???

This probably won't be a very popular answer but its my belief that most reptiles such as snakes, lizards, will only TOLERATE handling. This is why you need to give them days off every once in a while because over handling stresses them out.

Although its great that you love your pets, and its essential that you do handle them, reptiles probably do not enjoy it or understand the emotions you assign to it. They don't have the outer layers of brain matter that we do that allow this.

Reptiles have the most basic brains of any animal. They lack a limbic system. The limbic brain produces emotions. Emotions facilitate relationships. Mammals, unlike reptiles, care for their young. Mammals evolved brains hardwired for mother-child and other relationships. Older mammals (like us) have another layer called the cerebral cortex, which is in charge of things such as communication via symbols (e.g., language), and considering the past and future.


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Another thing I was reading for those interested

Is it a bad thing if a bearded dragon is attached to a person so much that they "sulk" when not being held? The beardie is fine when being held and when out of his tank but when put away at night or not held till late in the day, he "sulks." Also, when the person gets hom from school and they don't acknowledge the beardie soon after, he gets mad. Is this bad?

This sounds like anthropomorphism to me. As in your friend is giving the bearded dragon more human-like qualities than it actually has. beardies definitely crave attention at times, but they don't really sulk or feel sadness when they are not given attention. Please describe what you mean by "sulking". If the animal is laying around a lot and not as active, it could be brumating, even a brumating beardie will awaken a bit when held. If it's not brumating, it may be ill. It's not normal for a healthy beardie to lay around and act depressed, if that's what it's doing. If it's doing that there is an underlying medical cause and a vet visit is warranted. A healthy beardie should sit under the basking light, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and munch regularly on greens and bugs and be a happy dragon whether it's being held or not. As far as the "getting mad" part... it's probably a territorial display. Someone walking into the room for the first time in a while can of course, catch a beardie's eye and a beardie that is feeling the need to assert his ownership of his domain will often do this when a visual stimuli enters his fiend of view... whether it be another dragon, or any moving creature. My male Diablo likes to tell me about how he owns his cage when I come into the snakeroom. He has just recently come of age and has began territorial displays and head bobbing. I just nod at him and tell him "yea yea, you're king ****, I know, I know.... "

We go through the same thing here so I can definitely relate (laughs). Not sure that our Beardies are sulking, perhaps more so they are demanding attention or affection. This is very normal especially if you have dragons with good dispositions. They can be extremely tame and enjoy human interaction, especially from their caretaker. They also have a very good vision and hearing, so they know when you are around even when you think they don't. My partner handles all our adults daily and we expose them to music and give them occasional visits to the "feeding tank". Also when breeding I have been told some actually like romance (laughs) and putting them into new environment can encourage breeding if you have stubborn females.

As long as your Dragon doesn't seem stressed out (e.g. under belly will get spider web patterns and colors will be dark) and they are eating well you should be OK. In the very few cases we had Dragons that did not like our surroundings they were not handled often or were kept outdoors by the previous owners. Although some might suffer from what seems like depression this could also be grief from loosing a previous owner or cage mate. These lizards are extremely social creatures so feel free to experiment with things such as cage location, handling, and different food types as treats, etc. They most definitely have individual personalities!

I've heard this sort of thing many times and don't want to discourage you but labeling a non-human animal with human "emotions" is tricky. My post is going to probably piss some people off but it is the way it is. The processes that make reptiles in particular are as follows and it's good to think of this way. What does a bearded dragon need to live in the wild? Food, water from food, sunlight and heat for bodily functions. Why do they need these thing? So they can grow and breed carrying on their genes... Everything living thing has this outlook, plant, animal, amoeba... So does your dragon sulk? Does your interaction with him further his existence? Chances are that he doesn't. It isn't a popular idea that our pets may not love us but if you look at the fundamentals of how a species works it isn't far off, we just don't like the idea. If the dragon is active when being held and not in the enclosure then maybe there isn't enough heat in the cage. Bearded dragons that aren't active during feedings and periodic times during the day aren't getting everything they need. Again what I've written isn't a widely held idea by anyone other than animal professionals... also what I've said isn't a reason to not interact with your pets either. The interaction does enrich them as well as yourself. And they are wondrous so why wouldn't we want to interact with them. Dont stop doing that.


they definitely have personality. i have 2 and they are complete opposites in every way possible. both are good at showing emotion. and i've never heard of anyone saying that dogs don't have emotion, to me they have more then humans lol.
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