Feeding my 8-9 month old beardie - Having issues

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Hey all.

So my beardie is 8-9 m/o, ~20 inches long, has proper lighting and temps and all that jazz, bath every few days, regular and fine poops, good fecal done a couple months ago, seems perfectly healthy.

But she doesn't want to eat any veggies and recently went on a hunger strike for a few days, before I gave in and started feeding her several superworms a day. She loves the superworms and will run across the tank to get them, but is interested by nothing else.

I offer a varied salad each day, usually some mixture of collard greens, a type of squash, endive, and sometimes the odd berry. Not interested by anything. I've tried feeding the worms in with the salad, but she just waits for the worm to poke out of the salad so she can avoid it. When she was 3-5 months old or so she would eat collard greens every day on her own, but now even hand feeding doesn't spark any interest.

So what should I do? Keep feeding several superworms a day and try to offer salad? Provide only salad every day until she gets hungry enough to eat it? Go back to the vet for another check-up? I'm running out of ideas :( Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Hi. Just keep offering salad everyday. I know I had to try a bunch of different types before I found out what they liked.
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