feeding 3 two month old babies

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I have three male bearded dragons around two months in age. I have had them for about a month now, for the first couple weeks I was putting one dozen 3/8 inch crickets in their tank daily which would go pretty fast. This last week and a half or so I upped there feeding quantity to two dozen which also has been going relatively quickly. On two instances last week I threw a third dozen in the tank about three or four hours later and they ate the third right up. The reason for my concern is that today I put their usual two dozen in the tank but they stopped eating and took basking a little quicker than usual. I can tell that they are full and there is about four or five crickets left in the tank right now. Is there a common protocol on feeding three baby dragons in the same tank? I am new to bearded dragons and my girlfriend is the expert but she has never had three as a pet before either. So her guess is as good as mine. How do I know if I am feeding them too much, or not enough? Do they know when to stop eating without hurting themselves?

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It doesn't matter how many beardies you have in the same tank when their small, the rule of them is never feed anything bigger then the space between their eyes and give them as many as they'll eat in a 10-15 time span. After 10-15 minutes take what remains out. Does this 3-4 times a day till there about 6 months old.


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dragonknight":2yt6v5y5 said:
How do I know if I am feeding them too much, or not enough? Do they know when to stop eating without hurting themselves?

what I have found from experience is that they will stop eating when they get full and move to their basking spot. I only feed my babies twice a day due to my work schedule.
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