Feed my beardie geckos?

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Would it be okay to catch a house gecko and feed it to my beardie?
Is there anything I should worry about, when doing that?
I've seen videos of bearded dragons eating geckos on YouTube and wondered if I could, too?


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absolutely not.

There are too many bones that could cause impaction or punctures. On top of that, you have a real risk of parasites with wild caught geckos.

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No, no, no! There are a lot of dangers to your beardie if you do that. For one thing, you have no idea what those geckos have been exposed to. They may have toxins in their system that could harm your beardie. Also, the bones present a major impaction hazard to your beardie. I have seen beardies on this board who have died from eating improper food items such as geckos. Beardies are not meant to eat other lizards. Stick to insects and salad, and your beardie will stay happy and healthy!
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