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It could very well be the shed skin around the eye that is making it water. If you can pick up some of the sterile saline wash tomorrow that would be good. Try flushing his eye and see if that helps any.
You are correct about the temps for an adult being a bit on the lower side. Basking temps should range between 95-110 and coolside temps between 78-82. See if you can get your basking temps up some. 91 degrees is a bit low even for an adult. Somewhere around 100 might be good.
Let us know if the saline flushes helps any.


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I've ordered him a reptisun 10.0 and a new higher watt basking lamp, so hopefully his viv will heat up quicker in the morning and get warmer. I have him on a stat but the bulb is too low power. They didn't have any saline solution at the store soI'm getting it tomorrow. I'll update and let everyone know how it goes.


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How is your boy's eyes doing today?
That is great you are getting a Reptisun 10 tube bulb ordered. Please let us know how his eyes are doing. Are you using sterile saline solution daily to help his eyes?



It sounds like we have had a pretty similar problem with my Beardie, Jango. A few weeks back we noticed that one of his eyes was pretty much glued shut. It was like the human equivalent to conjunctivitis. We took him to the vet and that is exactly what she told us, that he had conjunctivitis. We were given Chlorsig eye ointment and were told to put it in his eye twice a day and rub off the excess. We did that for a week and it started clearing up, with a bit of dis-colouration around his eye. Then about a week later we noticed a blister on the same side as his sore eye and a whole lot of dis-coloured spots on top of his head towards his nostrils. So I took him back to the vet and we were given diluted Betadine solution to rub on it. We did that and we made sure that we rubbed the excess off again to stop moisture. After a couple of weeks there has not been a lot of progress with him. He is still very alert and he is in perfect health otherwise. Where we are from, we don't have a lot of people owning Beardies so we are going to take a photo of his eye to send to our vet and she is going to post it on a veterinarian forum site for us. I will see if I can also post the same photos on here as well.

So if you get any advice that you could get for that problem would be much appreciated and we will do the same for you.



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Nickonz... sorry to hear about your beardie having conjunctivitis.
What brand and type UVB are you using? fluorescent tube, coil/compact, mvb?
How close is your beardie to the UVB?
Are you using a bright white basking bulb?

xdoomedsoulx... how is your beardie? Any change in his eye's?


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His eyes are still weepy despite a couple of washes with saline. I thought it was clearing up, but the water in his eye was just drying over his eyelids and looking like shed skin. I'm calling the vet now, ill update again when I get some more news. I'm suspecting photo conjunctivitis from his coil bulb though.


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Well that's good that you are getting him an appt. with a vet. It could very well be pkc, due to the old coil bulb he was under previously.
Please let us know how it goes at the vet.


I can't remember the make and I'm not home at the moment to check. But it is a coil UVB bulb whih we were sold by the pet shop where we got him. I have been looking everywhere for the reptisun10.0 but being from New Zealand, we don't have many pet stores the specialize in reptiles. I have just bought the fittings for a reptisun tube aswell.

I would say the closest he can get to the bulb would be around 150mm.

Yes the basking light is bright.

His eye is clearing up, just taking a real long time. I am trying to find other people where I live to talk to as well that own beardies
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