Eyes open while petting?! Good or nah


Hello everyone just got my beardie. JUSTA. WEEK AGO.. ABOUT A WEEK AGGOOO!! Lol sorry that’s a song anywhoo back to subject when I take my beardie out to pet it.. it doesn’t walkways close its eyes.. is wide open eyes a good or bad sign when petting .. sometimes my beardie will do both


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Hi there :) Bearded dragons will close their eyes when they are happy/comfortable. So you may see your beardie closing its eyes while basking, or taking a bath. And if your dragon trusts you and/or is enjoying where you are petting it, they will close their eyes. No, they won't close their eyes if they want you to leave, they will probably open their mouth and hiss if they are mad and/or telling you to back off.



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This is interesting because like posted here, I've seen articles about both sides- I've decided to watch other parts of her behavior because I couldn't tell. As we bond, she totally stares at me and doesn't want to get off (good sign) but if I attempt to pick her up and she closes her eye and move her head away from me (bad sign), I leave her alone. I let Rocky dictate to me what she wants. Yes, I'm wrapped around her finger but I've experienced "the beard" once and it was more than enough for me. #traumatized


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Rocky you crack me up, i know your still a lil skiddish (I've only post like 1346k times no need to be scared lol)
But if you think the beard is bad wait till she gives you that haute sideways stare the screams are you friggen kidding me. Or better yet looks at you points her nose straight up, closes both eye and turns her head. (The dragon equivalent of you have been dismissed pheasant) they are such little characters o_O

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