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I was studying for my exam tomorrow about lepidosaurs and I noticed a tiny detail on one of the tuatara skulls I’m supposed to study. I noticed it had a ring-like bone where the eye belongs so I did some research and it turns out our little beardie buddies also have this bone along with birds and turtles. (It’s called a sclerotic ring.) My only question is if this bone is actually inside their eye or if it’s just around their eye? It’s not relevant to my exam as my professor said we didn’t go over it so there’s no reason to worry about it, I just really love skull anatomy because I’ve seen how skulls have changed from lampreys to lizards at this point in the semester and I find this new bone quite interesting.


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That is great you are learning, it's always terrific to find new things to research! I hope your test went well for you.


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