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well i had begun sculpure or Rex's hide with the foam from a coffee machine purchased a week ago. sculpure was coming along well, although i had cut it too thin in some places. i remembered i had a can of great stuff expanding foam in the shed so i went and got it. this was an unopened one from when i first got Rex and tried (unsuccessfully) to make a rock wall. so it was about 3 years old. i used the can to build up one side of the structure, and once4 i was done i glanced at the bottom of the can, and the expiration date was 2006. so I'm in a bit of a dilemma, would the expired foam pose any hazards? i know it's inert once cured, and it behaved exactly like it did when i was using a non expired can. does it even matter? is the expiration date relative to the propellant, or the foam itself?
why didn't i just run down to the hardware store... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


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The date is the date it is guarenteed to work.. You are lucky. I had 3 cans and all were expired and NONE of them worked. :banghead: I had to buy all new.

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Agreed - I think they use the date incase it's not stored properly. That way they don't have to replace ALL cans that don't work.
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