Exo terra incubator repair?

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Hey everyone,

So I have an exo terra incubator that at times is dropping below the 4 degree mark and will click to start the heater and....... Nothing :/ it is no longer under warranty and I have seen many posts of people giving up on them.

My question is does anyone know how to repair these incubators or where parts can be found? I figure why build one when this one can probably be fixed or at least altered to work?

Let me know if you have any ideas or tips.

Thanks everyone
hello you can try to contact the company and see if they can fix if out of warrenty or maybe they can give you contact info on their parts manufacturer. hope this helps
I would look for a local repair person, I am sure wiring wise it isn't much different then a microwave or refridge etc.. except if parts are not generic. Problem is the repair price may be as much as just buying a new one. How long do you have it?
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