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You don't want the humidity below 20% it helps w/ shedding and too low will cause RI's
Rocky is shedding every 4 weeks now- see below.
If the humidity is too high, what are the results...RI as well? I am just curious but can't seem to find the answer.
I stay on top of the humidity but I have woken up before where it was close to 70 and of course I freaked out.


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As long as I don't see the beard, I am fine. LOL
I cuddled her a little but she was over me. She has the nastiest attitude sometimes, LOL but I don't love her any less. The window also is a concern so I moved the entire tank only for her to squint to see the window again. I shifted my tv and I think I will lower the blinds to see if it helps. You can hear birds chirping constantly and she is not a fan of it.
I lowered the blind since his time and while the birds outside are chirping louder and louder, she's managing. Ironically, when we walk around the house (training), she wants me to sit her RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW. However, when the trees blow in the wind or a bird passes by, it's all over. I received my first scratch yesterday. That's okay...as long as there's no puffing of the beard. I think I can take ANYTHING ELSE but the puffing of the beard :)


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Zen , Ruby & Snicker Doodle
They will puff up less and less as they decome comfortable. Snicker Doodle still does it once in a while accompanied by the flattening and turning up on her side, then she kindda looks at me like never mind it isn't worth the effort and goes back to being normal. It's kindda funny to watch.

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