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my bearded dragon has been glass surfing, but i can’t upgrade his viv atm due to a few reasons (covid19, no space, costs too much) so i thought maybe giving him more to do would help. anyone have any ideas? he has a couple logs, a hide, and a hammock atm. any suggestions are appreciated!


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Do you ever let him roam around the house or sit with him outside? Those would be my first choices.



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Rearrange his "stuff". Go slow so he doesn't stress. If he takes to it, mix things up.
Every time I've done it, Z spends a couple days checking everything out again, climbing & exploring. :wink:


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so i rearranged some stuff, he doesn’t seem stressed, quite the opposite, actually. he immediately started eating which surprised me as he’s a pretty picky eater. i think he’s enjoying it! thanks for your help guys, hopefully this will help him stop glass surfing.


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IME, I think some glass surfing isn't/shouldn't be too disconcerting. ZᴀRDᴏZ gets an "active period" lasting around a half hour, right around noon every day that generally includes some surfing, trying to pull the doors open, beating up plants, exploring his enclosure, and general running around/hellraising. After the half hour, he settles down and gets back to his regular job--basking. :lol:

In this context, I see it as exercise/blowing off a little energy/steam.
If it became obsessive, or he spent hours a day at it, yes, I'd probably be concerned. YMMV
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