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I guess I should have specified the full plans. I intend to keep their current enclosure so I can transfer enclosures while we paint the outside, and let it cure. We're just not sure the color so it may take a bit to get it painted. It's very much sealed in the inside - I caked it in those corners, cracks, crevices, and any imperfection I could find, but the vent holes are what I worry about. Not sure if that would cause an issue with 'em or not. Here is a picture of the vent holes. The ones that are drilled into the side have the same thing on the other side as well. Trying not to post anything super revealing so I can post all the pictures in the enclosure build section, lol!


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It looks good. I would add more vent holes and probably in the top also. If your not planning to, i would be super careful to monitor temps, it could get dangerously hot really fast.
But over all looks pretty nice 👌


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Awesome, thanks! I guess that's the ultimate last thing I have to do is check temps. I do have a thermostat controller that will transfer over - even then, the basking light does produce quite a bit of heat. Hopefully the internal dimenions of 4x2x2 will help reduce the overall temp across the enclosure, but temp checks are definitely needed.

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