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So I am a teenager with autism and anxiety and I have found that my bearded dragon Joey can help really well to calm me down, I am going to discuss registering him as an emotional support animal, but I have a few questions.

1. Can I take him in public? Is it safe for him?
2. If so, what kind of solutions should I use to heat him when in public?

I was thinking of making him a sling to carry him with if it is okay to take him out, but I don’t know what to use to ensure he is warm


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Here is a link to slings for them. Yes you can take them out but you have to be really careful about them getting spokked and maybe running off. A least is a must have.


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A bit late, but I too am autistic (fine I'm AuDHD) anxiety, social anxiety etc... Alex does sometimes fill that role for me and my Autistic / ADHD son as well. She helps him open up a bit as well.

We have a sling, leash etc... but she hates it and just wants to sit on my arm or shoulder:) No problems. Even when she pooped on my therapists red marble desk it was adorable lol


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I'm also on the autism spectrum :) (social anxiety also, but has gotten much better during the last years; no trace of ADHD though but of the of the opposite type "hyperfocus, always very much on time, has packed everything, takes care of all the paperwork in the family so everything is done correctly") with AuDHD husband.

I'm not taking my dragon outside (especially I would not do so to places I have problems with, so places that are crowded, loud... which my dragon for sure also would not like). I have a harness and leash for my dragon so I can take him safely on the balcony (we're here on the 13th floor and he might get spooked by the vultures of which we have many here and I just fear he might jump/ run down without a harness) and hopefully hiking soon.

Also, my dragon doesn't want to be out of his enclosure that often (this week e.g. it was on two evenings for approx. 20 minutes each), so what I do is in case he wants out and it's still during daytime I go with him on the balcony (it's always warm where we live). But it would rarely be able to say "I want/have to go somewhere now, let's get Taco out and take him with me". I would have to force him out in most cases. And I wouldn't do so, except for an emergency. (If he would be sick, I would go and get him, but just for me, to have him around... no. If he wants to stay more in his enclosure, if he doesn't want to come out much, I respect this as his personality, just like I want people to respect that I'm not that much fond of doing things "most people like".)

I have the harness from "Nectarlee", and I use it without the wings (they can be detached easily). I like it because it holds secure, can be put on easily and is not catching on his scales and spikes.
I'm not using a sling/ bag or blanket for my dragon; he has so many spikes that easily catch on all kinds of fabric (he's a standard dragon, not a leatherback or such, has tons of spikes and very rough scales, and honestly, I love touching those, the different textures of his body).
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Hey Max, its nice to hear that your dragon is giving you support. When I got mine I did not expect how close of a "bond" a reptile and its keeper can form and most people will probably never understand this.
Personally I kind of agree with everything that has been said so far.

Yes you can take your dragon outside if it is warm enough. They can get spooked easy and might suddenly try to run off so a harness and/or leash are a must!

I'd limit the amount if time outside and ease him into it. The time without a heatlamp should be no more than two hours. It all depends on your dragon, how he handles everything. Luis (my dragon) will sit on my shoulder for eternity and just take a nap on me if he gets too cold.

You can use a mvb in a dome for on the go heating as those provide uva and uvb. I have a couple of strong suction cups to hang them from any smooth surface.


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You can use a mvb in a dome for on the go heating as those provide uva and uvb. I have a couple of strong suction cups to hang them from any smooth surface.
Depending on what the activity is, this might be an option - e.g. when visiting somebody, when being in a hotel room.

It all depends on your dragon, how he handles everything.
Yes. My Taco for example wants back after 15 - 20 minutes outside of his enclosure if we're not outdoors/ on the balcony. 15 minutes and then it's enough for him which he shows by start running where he is or jumping off and running towards the enclosure and once I open it... in he is! Despite we're at home, it's not cold here (room temp > 25 °C usually), no visitors, everything is calm (we also never listen to loud music, no such things as TV or computer games - generally calm "introvert household" ;) ), and he generally likes it very much when we interact with him (showing bright colors, being curious... and luckily he never had to make bad experiences when being touched like having to give medication).

But dragons, like people, can be very different.
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