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First is there a way (or can it be added) to embed YouTube videos like we can win photos and gifs?

Second is it possible to do user tagging like other social media platforms? Basically @username or something and it would send a notice or PM to look at the post.


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I know this post is a few days old but wanted to say I think both are great ideas and figured if more people showed more interest, it may up the likelihood of getting these features added.

I especially like tagging people - there have been many times where I know a certain member would have better knowledge/care advice and rather than just mentioning the individual or PMing them, tagging them to get their attention would be beneficial.

I believe if videos are uploaded on photobucket, they provide a link to embed the video, however photobucket is by no means a popular uploader anymore, especially for videos. I think the option to embed videos from other sources would be great.


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I think the BBCode that is used has a lot to do with what can be embedded or not and I have no clue what all goes into that. Some boards have it for you tube but I don't know what sort of back side work that would be for Alex. Same with the tagging. Two of my "I wish we coulds" but easier said than done maybe :)


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Very true, no idea how much effort and coding is needed to add said features.

I used to be good with HTML and web design but so much has changed since I did anything with it. Think back to yahoo geocities. That's about as far as my knowledge goes. :lol:


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Testing this from photobucket

**EDIT - ok so it embeds a clickable photo that links to the page is all. I also apologize as I am unsure which band/song this is as I am at work, just wanted to find a video and see what happens when it's embedded. The site gives an error if I try and embed the actual video


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I'll have to look into some of the options. The current forum software does not support this. I do need to set some time aside to work on upgrading the forum software. At that point, I'll review what new features they have in it. I'm hesitant with adding "plugins" for these forums as it tends to make maintenance messy. Plugins for the forum software are aptly named "MODs", as they are actually modifications to the base source code, as opposed to a true plugin architecture. And that means each MOD makes it much harder to apply the standard updates, as the code then doesn't line up cleanly from version to version since there are "modifications" to it.

Anyway... I will try to spend some time upgrading and reviewing features. Hopefully it has more. I would really love to see more "tagging" and "like" type feature in the forums as well. Frequently I want to just give something a thumbs up. Darn you Facebook! :)


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Haha, I'll cross my fingers there is some new features available without too much effort. Thanks for the response and your maintenance of the forums!
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