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I dunno if Elvis has just gained weight from the Phoenix Worms, or if he is bloated because he ate too much. He looks like he's 3x bigger than when I first got him, and when he sits on his grapevine his fat kind of hangs over the side. He hasn't been eating as much, but I think it's just because he is really full. He used to go to the bathroom twice a day but now he only goes once a day. I have all the temps right on his basking spot and on the cool side of the tank. The only thing I can think of is that I changed the furniture around in his tank and maybe that stressed him out.... but would that cause bloating??? I know that when I got my beardie my friend said he looked really thin, and maybe now he's just bulking up? I have a vet appointment for him tomorrow, but just wanted to see what advice you guy had to offer. Thanks!


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Beardies do tend be on the "thicker" side. Is there any way you can post a picture?

I can't right at the moment because I am at work, but I will try to tomorrow before I come to work. I have my vet appointment tomorrow morning, so I guess then I'll find out if he's just a little tubby or if there's an issue :cry:


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Man I just typed up this long reply and hit save instead of submit but my computer managed to delet it... anyways the gist of what I was going to say is that I found out that Elvis was bloated because I gave him watermelon every morning for a week (only because he seemed to really like it) and Ithink all of the water made him bloated. Lesson learned..... not everything that beardies like is good for them. But yeah then I had another scare at the same time because I saw something red that resembled blood when he finally went to the bathroom. After careful inspection I too realized that it was from the watermelon. Elvis seems to be doing fine now though :)

The only other thing about him right now that is bothering me is that he only goes to the bathroom like once a day and sometimes every other day. I have a feeling that it is because when I feed him at night when I get home from work his basking light turns off like ten minutes later. I dunno...

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I had something similar happen with Jasper. I fed him watermelon, and the next day got a terrifying mushy red poop from him! I panicked until I realized that it was just the watermelon. I'm glad that there's nothing wrong with Elvis. And it's normal for them to go only once a day or even skip a day sometimes as they get a bit older. However, you do want to give him at least 2 hours to bask after feeding time. Otherwise he can't digest his food properly, and will have an upset stomach all the time. So, you could either feed him in the morning, or change his light schedule - whichever works better for you. :D
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