Eggs keep dying

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I am having problems with my eggs, I am losing a lot of eggs, about 70%. Some of this I think is because I was on vacation and some of the eggs might have gotten in the sun inside the incubator. But I am also having problems with mold. I am using Perlite to have the eggs in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I've heard of people having success using vermiculite, other than that I'm not really sure what to suggest.


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I can't use vermiculite because there was a state wide recall due to asbestos. The temp stays at about 84 degrees. I am not sure about humidity because I don't have a gauge to measure that yet. I am using a hooverbator and the eggs are inside tupperwares with pearlite.


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Make sure the female eates enough calcium because what ever the mom eates goes to the babies and calcium will help the eggs alot
Perilite will work, personally I won’t use it. Unless you are having extremely dramatic temperature drops/spikes and they have at least a semi moist environment and putting aside genetic/illness issues with the breeders, they may just simply be infertile. If they mold they are dead. How did your eggs get in the sun in the incubator?


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I was on vacation for a month and my dad was watching the lizards and incubator. The incubator get moved slightly and ended up in the sun for about two hours a day while I was gone.
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