Eggs incubating for 88 days now

Still waiting for them to hatch .
Started with 20 eggs
Along the course of the last 3 months a few of them had went bad
One of the eggs started to deflate so much i assumed it was bad, even though I could see red inside . So I cut it open to see what it was inside because I was curious to know if it was fertile or not... This was maybe 2 weeks ago
What was in the egg was a baby dragon underdeveloped not near hatching stage...
Getting to wonder if the other ones are going to hatch..


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AHBD Sicko
My very first eggs I ever incubated took about that long. Mine were very plump though, yours are somewhat deflated. Just keep them in there until they either hatch or it's obvious that they are bad. Did you add water at any point ?


Original Poster
Thank you for your response ! Have added water during the incubating process not too much only when I've noticed that the vermiculite is getting dry. The sides of the container always have condensation.

AHBD Sicko
O.K., it's important that the vermiculite stays slightly damp all the way through for the eggs to stay healthy. Any eggs hatching yet ?


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O.K., it's important that the vermiculite stays slightly damp all the way through for the eggs to stay healthy. Any eggs hatching yet ?
One of the eggs looked so deflated and discolored I thought it wasn't going to hatch so I cut it open and there was a small baby inside didn't look the healthiest and the yolk was thick .


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