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Hi there everyone I have a very serious question so I have 30 bearded dragon eggs that were laid 68 days ago. Yesterday I looked at the eggs in the incubator just to check on them and I noticed two had deflated I thought because I had recently candles the eggs that I must have hurt them or harm them in some way and cause them to die so I went to scoop them up in a cup to dispose of them but before I did I felt and saw a head and it moved so I quickly cleaned off the dragon and I pulled the egg off of it which I didn't know I was supposed to leave it in there and let it absorb the yolk but the two babies are fine that have hatched they're running around there and closure but I have another egg that has deflated. I don't see the dragon's head poking out of the egg that's deflateddo I need to put a hole in the egg and get the head out will the dragon suffocate in the deflated egg if I don't take action what do I do because I have 27 eggs to go and I would like to know what do I do so I don't lose any dragons the pictures attached are of the two dragons one of which the head was sticking out the other the egg was deflated and I opened it up and both babies are doing fine but like I said there is a third egg that has deflated and I do not see a head sticking out what do I do when a bearded dragon hatches normally what do they do do they pop out immediately I mean the hatchlings that I did help get out of the first two eggs they are doing great should I do what I did with the first two with the rest of them or just leave the remaining eggs alone and see what happens and also how do I post pictures

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