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Hey guys i was wondering what stores might give out free egg carton or flats? i have costco dennys alberson 99cent store and alot more asian super market and i was wondering if anyone know they give them out for free in ca garden grove o.o.


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Be careful. I contaminated an entire colony by using cartons that either had pesticides on them or formaldehyde. Almost all the adults were dead within 2 hours. It royally sucked and was not worth saving a few bucks. :cry:

Now I buy my cartons online when I order other supplies/feeders. Most sellers bundle them so postage is the same.


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I let my egg flats sit for at least 2 weeks b4 I use them. Knock on wood, no problems yet. but just be careful where you get your flats from. Usually these lil mom and pop stores are good places. look for a place that is known for their breakfast. they can usually give you tons of them.
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