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So my bearded dragon Coco is now 2 years old. Around 2-3 weeks ago I noticed her digging in her tank, but I didn't feel any eggs so I thought I'd have time to make a lay box, but I was wrong because I let her out on a Friday and she laid 8 eggs in my clothes pile. I read that bearded dragons were supposed to have around 15-20 eggs average and my bearded has only laid 8.

Before all this, I admit to giving her a poor diet choice. During and before her egg laying, I read that spinach was good so I gave that to her. I Also been sprinkling calcium with it. Turns out that it was definitely not a good thing to give her but I felt the damage was already done. (Changed up her meal to collard greens)

I have been feeling her but I don't feel any eggs (though it could have been like last time where she did have eggs, I just didn't feel them). Could she be egg bound?

Some added information is that this is her first time laying eggs, no males around the house either. She has been eating still as well as pooping, and I have been giving her baths 1-3 times every 1 to 2 weeks.

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She may or may not have more eggs, probably not eggbound if she's not acting ill. Don't worry too much about the spinach, you gave her calcium along with it .


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She may or may not have more eggs, probably not eggbound if she's not acting ill. Don't worry too much about the spinach, you gave her calcium along with it .

Thank you! I've been watching her a bit more now. She's still fat (idk if she's just fat or eggs), still can't feel any eggs. But she has been eating as well as pooping. I was really concerned because I heard that bearded dragons were supposed to get skinny once they laid their eggs but Coco still looks chonky. Looking back at her old pictures, she was chunky in those too. She's really good at hiding her illnesses (like really good) so I'm still a bit concerned, but not as much as I was before.

Thank you so much for the response!

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