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My bearded dragin, Mika, is only about 8 months old.

Starting on June 25, Mika mostly stopped eating and became hyper. She was otherwise healthy and not losing weight and she was shedding, so I thought that might be the cause. After she shed, her behavior continued and I took her to the vet on July 7. X-rays showed she had a lot of eggs in her stomach. The vet agreed that it was unusually early and that they'll either be reabsorbed, layed, or Mika could become egg-bound, especially since she was young.

I prepared a dig box, but Mika showed no interest in digging, only in exploring and climbing around the room. She still didn't really eat and I gave her liquid vitamins with water using a syringe and had her lick calcium powder as much a I could.

On 7/17 and 7/18, she finally had an appetite! I was so glad. She was also her usually perky self.

BUT today (7/19) she seemed to have a hard time pooping and was pushing a lot. The poop was healthy looking, though it came out in small batches.

It could just be because she ate for the first time in weeks and she got a stomach ache... or some that pushing was attempted egg laying.

We're going to be gone on 7/21-22, so I'm worried. I might take her to the vet tomorrow (7/20) if she doesn't return to normal... Especially since it's been nearly a month since the behaviors began.

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Although it's not unheard of it's not at all common for an 8 month old dragon to develop eggs . Is Mika near adult size, large for her age and has she been with a male ? Can you post pics of the Xrays ?

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It isn't out of the ordinary that an 8 month old female develops infertile eggs. Or, are they fertile
Pictures would be helpful, too, thanks.
Definitely be vigilant with her calcium intake 4-5 times weekly right now until the egg issues are
passed. Is she eating very much right now?
Hopefully she will either reabsorb them or develop them & lay them without any trouble!


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