Edmonton Reptile & Amphibian Fall Expo Oct 8-9 2016

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ERAS Fall Expo
Italian Cultural Centre
14230 133 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4W4

October 8 (10am-5pm) & October 9 (11am - 4pm), 2016
This announcement for Edmonton has lead me to ask a question about Canadian show purchases by Americans. I really would like to go to one of the Toronto shows. Dos anyone know the rules on how to bring a Canadian bred Beardie over the border? Thanks


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reptile express will also ship (they take care of the customs forms) and some breeders will ship


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Vendor List for the show this weekend
Lorie's Exotics
TLCs Reptlies
Big D Exotics
Oasis Fish and Reptile
A Brush of Air
Eve Barnett
New World Reptiles
Arctic Circle
Amber and Michael Tyreman
The Crested Castle
Superior Constrictors
Jungle Jewel Exotics
Deadly Fit Pythons
Robinson's Royals
Just Geckos
Kendra’s Kreations
Canadian Mouseman
Darwin's Reptiles
Cornel's World
First Strike Snakes
Tarantula Canada
Ollie Meidinger
Got Reptiles
Big Al's
Western Reptiles
Kryptonian Reptiles
Pied Pusher
John Makaryshyn
Beth Mulligan
Falconridge Farms
Evelyn Girardin
Sean Fergeson Reptiles
Herp Diner
Rockdoc Reptiles
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