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Noticed this a few days ago, am I the only one who's not seeing the edit button ?


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I think there have been some odd caching issues with the site lately. I have found other image that Re failing until I wipe a web server cache. But then later on others will be missing.

I am mostly focused on the new software migration tho. This should all be fixed when we’re on it. I’m sure there will be other issues, but overall I’m quite excited about the new system. So many features that a modern community site should have.

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Noticed this a few days ago, am I the only one who's not seeing the edit button ?
Hey this has nothing to do with your post lol I was googling help and came across a post from 2018 that u replied to saying you've had lizards for 10 years, so figured I'd ask you... I have a beardie, he's a rescue, about a year and a half, he was really underweight, they barely if ever fed him, he was literally at deaths door, so now when he eats he doesn't slowly grab with his tongue like my other beardie he leaps forward attacking with his mouth, he attacks my tongs as soon as he sees them so if I drop the food he bites the tongs, hard... So I gave him repashys grub pie but it fell off the tongs and he jumped and missed it and bit the paper towel I have for substrate and would not let go I tried pulling it away but that caused it to rip and before I could shove my hands in his mouth he swallowed a corner, it wasn't huge but wasn't small, it was the size of his mouth just little pieces were sticking out the sides... I know in the post you said you never heard of that happening but if it happened to you what would you do? Someone mentioned treating him for impaction just incase in the thread I mentioned, but I've only had my first beardie since August and only took the rescue cause even tho I'm new I knew I could care for him better than someone who had him on a "special diet" of never eating and had no lights or vitamins and let him live in a tank full of poop... So do I give him warm baths and worst case if he doesn't poop in 2/3 days maybe prune baby food or juice? Or is there a different method for impaction?

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