Edgar is a metalhead!

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I have a story about my male dragon. I'm a metalhead. I like underground rap too, but I'm more metal than anything. Especially Disturbed. The other day I had some music playing in my bedroom, and caught some motion out of the corner of my eye. Edgar was headbanging. I watched him for a few minutes and turned off the music. When I did, he stopped and laid down. When I was a kid I would headbang so hard that I gave myself whiplash quite often. That's no joke or exaggeration. A little later I had the music going again, and decided to see what Edgar was doing, and he was headbanging again! I don't think Lenore was too interested, as she wasn't really doing anything, but Edgar was into it.

I had no idea that a dragon could get into music like that. I knew he was a cute and goofy little fart, but I didn't know he was a metalhead.

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We turn on the radio we have in our baathroom near our girls' tanks. We usually have it on when we are not with them in our bedroom. It isn't metal music, it's from a local christian radio station. It doesn't seem to bother them but they do prefer to be snugled by wither one of us. We have spoiled them rotten.


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Haha my girl loves it when I play music Metal and all ☝️ also plants do good with vibrations also they pick it up and sense it make them more prolific some people have big speakers in grow rooms and have metallica on haha


my little Boggle is into metal, reggae and Springsteen... well he has no choice really as thats what his dad listens to!

i can't say as i have noticed him reacting specifically to any music.

but he DOES react to me playing guitar - if i am just messing around noodling or whatever, there seems to be certain chord progressions that he likes, or at least he reacts to, and looks over at me with what i believe to be a happy look.

there are also times when he can be a fierce critic - it has been known that when practicing something when i'm with him that i will get THE LOOK!!! which, by the expression on his face, i'm pretty sure means give it a rest!!!

he also pooped on a Metallica tab book once - make of that what you will!

blessings & love
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