Eating about 12-18 crickets a day

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I got him about a week ago and have changed his viv a few times now. He has a 10.0 UVB, a basking bulb incandescent, the temperatures are correct, I got him a CHE besides his red night light now, and I have been giving him more crickets than he eats in his eating cage(5 gallon). He is pretty young I think about 2 months and about 5"-6", Very social and seems very happy. It is a little humid in the tank now (40) but that just happened yesterday (crazy weather in Texas) so I don't think that is it.
Could he still be adapting to the new habitat? I have changed things around most of the week.
Do you think he is the few beardie's that do not eat much?
Any advise would be good.



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They don't need the red light, they need total darkness at night. Temps down to 65 are ok at night. Maybe he is suffering from relocation stress? Given all the changes to his home that could be the answer.


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Yea I got replaced the red bulb with the CHE. Maybe he needs to get some more sleep and get more use to the area. According to Petsmart he only feed him about 10 a day (this was with the a couple of other beardies, I think he himself ate 10). Do you think he is just use to that now?
Is there anything I can do to help him eat more?
Does anyone know what is up?

Thanks again.
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