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i know this isnt the right website but is it easy to breed agama? i know theyre very similar the beardies. i plan on breeding my pair of mwanzae flat rock agamas (spiderman agamas). i plan to start introducing captive bred spiderman agamas to help cut down on wild caught specimans and because they are gorgeous! how easy is it to breed beardies though too?


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I'm moving you to the "Other Reptiles" topic to see if you can connect with someone there who would be able to answer your questions.


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Hopefully you'll hear from someone. I checked online & there is only Wikepedia info, but you might want to read through those entries to see if there's something on breeding.


Giving this a bump as very interested.

I've asked around before, there's not much info on the breeding of them. Was told that most people also claim to have the mwanzae but actually have an agama agama.

The idea is to try to recreate their exact habitat which isn't easy.

If I try my hands at this a 6*2*2 viv with multiple basking spots and multiple hides. One end of the viv piled with a dryish soil that can be burrowed into.

I'd like an experts view on this.
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