earthbound organic mixed greens mixture?

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I recently purchased some earthbound organic mixed baby greens for my own salads and I decided to add some to my bearded dragon's staple greens (mustard or collard) and he absolutely LOVES them. He eats them all every single time. The problem is, most of the greens listed are not on the beautiful dragons website for nutritional reference. There are some types of lettuces mixed in with it which I know lowers the nutritional value, but there are lots of greens and lots of colors and he eats all of it, normally only picking at his staple greens, or picking the carrots and squash out of his greens. With this mixed in he finishes the entire bowl every day along with crickets or worms twice a day.

ok, here is the list on the back:

Tango, Lolla Rosa, Red and green oak, red and green romain, green leaf, tatso, mizuna, red and green chard, red and green mustard, frisee, Arugula, Radicchio
It also says ingredients may vary by season.

So any thoughts or ideas on this mixture??? The one thing I love about it, and I don't know if it's the container or what, but it lasts for a much longer time in my fridge than when I buy a bunch or bag of greens. Is there anything in this mix that he should not be getting for any reason?


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Anyone? What I really want to know if is there is anything in this mix that he really should not get. Is anything contraindicated?

Like I know that spinach is a BIG no, and there isn't any spinach in this mix. Kale is also questionable and there isn't any kale in this mix either. But a lot of the greens and lettuces are not listed on the beautiful dragons site and there isn't really a ton of bearded dragon nutritional references.


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There's not anything in there that is on the 'never' list as far as I am aware, though radicchio does have very chunky stem parts which you should cut out.

Tatsoi, mizuna, red and green chard, red and green mustard, Arugula, Radicchio are the ones from the list which are slightly more nutritious than the lettuce parts, but mustard is the only one thought of as a staple. Generally for greens, the darker the leaf colour, the more likely it is to be suitable as a staple for beardies (with the exception of kale and spinach), most of the ones in that mix are on the lighter end of leaf colour (well, the ones that aren't red), but seeing as he's not an adult (I am guessing, if you're giving him 2 meals a day), he doesn't really need to be getting that much nutrition from his veggies at the moment, and if he's eating squash too, then that's great for him.

So yeah, if I were you I'd carry on feeding him it provided his poops look normal, adding squash too, as a few veggies is certainly better than no veggies at all. Maybe over time you can add in more and more of his normal greens to the mix and get him to eat more and more of them as he gets older.


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Thanks for your reply. That is kind of what I figured. I did notice his poops had more water content in them on the days I feed this mixture, so I am going to use it sparingly.


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I was just in the grocery store staring at this dilemma myself! I didn't have the beautiful dragons list with me, but tried to go with the "lettuce = less, greens=galore" mentality. My 10 month old Tashi was picky about his greens for awhile, only eating collards and picking out the butternut squash. Lately he is not eating ANY greens, and I'm not sure what's up. Everything else is normal (poops, temps, proteins) but we did move him to a new viv 3-4 weeks ago that is bigger and roomier. Not sure what his deal is. Tried to offer some cilantro and other fruity treats along with putting the worms in the salad dish, but the stinker is too smart and picked them right out! We'll see how it goes.

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