DW wants a SMALL tortoise--Recommends?

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DW is researching/considering a SMALL indoor tortoise. Something along the lines of a Russian, Egyptian, Greek, Hermann's...) We know it'll likely outlive us--we can make accommodations. :)
Any other variety suggestions/recommendations she might check out? Pros/Cons?
She'll likely eventually find a tortoise-specific forum, but we gotta start someplace... :wink:

This will be her first reptile. :D


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I hate that you did this... made this thread...

Because it made me look up the tortoises you mentioned and now I'm dying to get one also!

The wife has always wanted a tortoise! Me too but not as bad as her. I put them off as I was completely unaware there were species that didnt get too big!

I really want an Egyptian now...

Why MrSpectrum... why...



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claudiusx":1zpzz3lh said:
The wife has always wanted a tortoise! Me too but not as bad as her. I put them off as I was completely unaware there were species that didnt get too big!

I really want an Egyptian now...

Why MrSpectrum... why...
Two words: Domestic Harmony. :lol:

YOU want an Egyptian SHE wants the tortoise! What about what SHE wants? :laughing6:

It took me about 8 yrs. for my DW to let me bring a couple measly anoles into the house. She barely tolerated one sitting on her hand, then freaked when it jumped on to her body.
She was almost 30 before she'd believe that snakes aren't slimy (got a picture of her draped in a 20' boa at a zoo event--she does not look amused/happy) :D

Last night she remarked she liked tortoises because, "they're slow.... like sloths & koalas."
"...and chameleons," I added. :roll:

I think we should be grateful for small blessings. Let THEM pick the tortoises. :wink:


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claudiusx":2st1kpcz said:
Hmm.. my wallet wants a Russian tortoise more though.. LOL
From what I'm watching on vids, reading online, and seeing at shows (2 so far), most/all of the Russian tortoises I've seen are full-grown, which suggests to me they're very likely WC. Other species I'm seeing as babies--some CB and some (I'm guessing) may be FB. When we asked a few vendors, "Do you breed these yourselves?" several answered, "We breed these, but we get those from a friend in [another state]." Might be legit, but my skeptable side wonders if it's code for FB? :dontknow:

At least we picked up a couple more species for DW to investigate/research... :study:


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Russian tortoises are really, REALLY nice little torts. I, too, wanted an Egyptian for the sheer tiny cuteness of them, but not enough to fork over that kind of money. I had a Russian Tort named Higgins as a classroom pet many years back; he was so incredibly personable for a reptile, and used to follow one of my aides around his hab. He was an easy keeper - anyone with herp experience like you and your wife will find them no problem to keep. He lived in a 3x8' tortoise table at school, in an outdoor paddock at home during the summer, and in a storage bin on weekends and vacations during the cold months. When dandelions came in season, my entire class would bring in ziplock bags full for him to munch on. I can't think of a single negative thing to say about the species. A great RT site is www.russiantortoise.net but its photo section doesn't seem to be working, which is a shame, because they had many drool-worthy tort tables to look at there.

Unfortunately for me, my district decided that nobody who didn't teach science could have classroom pets (I taught reading and writing only at that time), and because the living area of our home couldn't accommodate Higgins's tortoise table, we returned him to his breeder, who runs Long Island Turtle Rescue. I still miss his tortoise-y presence in my classroom, though my new room definitely couldn't fit the 3x8' table... ah, downsizing. :cry:

Hope your wife finds a tort she loves!


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She's... taking her time thinking it over. :study:
Space is an issue. We're trying to find another home to be our last, but it's a sellers market here right now (no listings) and with winter....

Good talk! :wink:
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