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K, so I decided to clean out my roach bin. I started with about 80 mixed nymphs, those are all now adults, and i have about 200-300 babies. Not too bad in my opinion. The thing is, I removed all the waste from the container and threw it out. I just found out it is actually GOOD for the babies and I should have kept it in there. Is something bad going to happen now that the babies can't eat it? I have food and water in their obviously, but... I'm just wondering how bad the mistake I just made is. Any opinions?

Thanks, Kevin.


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This is a question I would say to ask one of the roach vendors. Go to one of their websites, or PM them from here: Marcus (afexotics is his user name) http://www.afexotics.weebly.com or Ian (Ihaggerty) http://www.theroachranch.com either of these guys can answer that for you properly. My best guess would be that yes, they will be ok, just make sure the roach chow you are using is ground fine enough for baby roaches and that it and the water gel are in shallow bowls so the babies can climb in to get the food and drink.


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Yes you will be fine. The babies will eat the left over food laying around and you will have poop soon enough! Good luck.


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Yeah, I was hoping it wouldn't be a catastrophe :p. I ground up the chow so that all the roaches big and small can eat it, and I know for a fact the babies and everyone else can get int he water :), thanks guys.


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Heyyyyyyy :( .. :roll: Has this dumb founded look on my face wondering WTH happened! Ohhhh welllll you can have that cold coffee!! :p :wink:
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