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It’s not the first time I’ve fed my dragon dubia roaches but since I’ve recently moved I’ve been feeding her crickets because they were just more readily available at local pet stores and I’ve gotten used to feeding her them. My bearded dragon is 11 months old and I’m trying to switch her back to dubia roaches as her main bug (of course I give her treats too but I usually stick to one main bug that I buy periodically when I run out).

So how many dubias do you think she should eat a day? They are a bit varied in size but most the of them are 3/4 inch or 1inch in length.


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At 11 months you are approaching the time to start scaling bugs back.i would only feed once a day, and a bit later when she stops putting on size a few times a week (bugs,salads feed every day)


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I agree once a day as many she can eat in 10 to 15 minutes. No specific amount, some days she'll eat more some days less.


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Mines is 11 mo and he gets veggies everyday but in terms of roaches I feed him bugs every other day. It was twice a week per the vet because he wasn’t eating greens. When I do feed him it’s between 10-15 as mentioned. Basically he gets no more 40-50 a week.

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