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Dubia.com enclosure


Hey there everyone!
I was just curious if anyone has any experience with these enclosures? They are a new product for this company and are reasonably priced at about $250. It is a 4x2x2 pvc enclosure. Thanks!


BD.org Sicko
Have they fixed the issue they were having w/ it? Here is the post
IMPORTANT: We do not recommend having lights above 100 watt on top of the screen. With the first batch of enclosures, the coating on the screen can potentially melt causing discoloration which is purely cosmetic so we recommend using a 100w or less bulb or a fixture that can be mounted inside. We have used magnets or hooks with washers to hang lighting and heat fixtures from the screen top. This is purely a cosmetic issue and will be fixed in the next round of enclosures.
If so I think that is a real good deal --- also I just ordered tempered glass doors from Zen Habitats as they were using acrylic doors and they do scratch - I dont know if those same glass doors would fit that tank - I am assuming they would but not 100% sure --
The only lighting I have inside my Zen is the UVB all other bulbs like my CHE and basking bulbs are on top as the top is a stainless steel screen - I dont know what kind of screen they are using it doesnt say- you can always chat w/ them about the tank and ask questions
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