Dry eyes/ lethargic?? Help!!

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I have a beardie I rescues about a month ago, she has Muscular dystrophy!!
Anyways when I first got her she had a small respiratory infection so I used a nebulizer on for a few times and now she's better on that. And after first getting her, she started eating very well and was becoming really active. Even yesterday she was running around a bit. But today something's changed in her. Past couple of days I've never noticed her having no appetite, and right now I just came home and she's lying rather limp. She seems to be sleeping and I woke her up. Her right eye was fine and alert, but her left eye is dried out! (Not completely, but enough to have major concern) it almost reminds me the eye of a chameleon which is not normal! And I'm holding her now and she just seems not to move.
More about her if it helps, she's 3 years old and Old owner had her in a 20 gal on sand bedding (changrd that right away obviously)
Anyways she isn't really responding, what is wrong with her and what can I do!!


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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 2
Take a pic of her and post https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ click on XIMG at top of message box and then click on the pic it should post--
Do you still have her in the 20 gallon tank??? What are the basking temps and how are you taking them? What kind of UVB are you using? Tube or coil


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NO I sold the 20 gal. I'm keeping her in a 75 I believe now? Her temp high is 105 and low 80s? Her uvb is tube, stretches across her tank.
Can't post a picture of her eye by the time posting to now it's gotten back to normal. I blended some challards and superworms with a dash of vitamins and water, and I'm syringe feeding her. She's perked back up a bit, but I still want to know what caused this so it doesn't happen again!


BD.org Sicko
Beardie name(s)
Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 2
The tube uvb is a what brand and bulb please-- is it on top of screen or inside tank? How are you getting temps? No stick ons! They are inaccurate-- what kind of substrate- ? How old is the UVB?


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That is an odd behavior & issue, indeed!
What type of substrate is she on, could she have gotten something in her eye or something?
Just a thought. If her eye still is bothering her, you can get some sterile saline solution to put
in her eye or some raw honey, diluted in warm water to help out.
I'm not sure what could have caused her lethargic behavior like that. Was that the first time she
has ever acted this way before?

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