Dry cracked lips and black spot


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I'm pet sitting and their beardies has dry cracked lips. The front of his bottom lip is crusty, like too much shed has built up but I can't soak it off. On the inside of the lip is a blackish mark. He does have some saliva on either side of his mouth towards the back of his head Could this be mouth rot or am I worried about nothing?


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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
This is the blackish spot inside the lip
What type of UVB are they using? Coil or a long tube fixture? He doesnt look in good health from the pic- UVB and surface basking temps are crucial to a dragons health -- what size tank is he in? They should have 2 digital probe thermometers in the tank for actual surface basking temps -- please get some raw unpasteurized honey and put on his lips - please NO crickets in the tank they will go straight to his mouth -- the honey is going to promote healing --


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Oh man - that’s a really tough place to be in since you are just pet sitting and it’s not your dragon. I’m really sorry. Hopefully you can get back on here and see the questions Karrie asked regarding his set up - that’s the first place to start.

I feel bad for the little dragon and I feel bad for you b/c it’s not like you are in a owners position to deal with the work / to change things / to buy things / or to even know what dragons need (unless you have a beardie yourself)

How close are you to the owners (like to make any decisions or change anything) - or comfortable enough to talk to them about things that might help make thing better?
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