Dropping humidity levels


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Just wondering how would you make humidity levels drop without using a dehumidifier (other than the rice sock way) ?


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Most hygrometers are pretty inaccurate, even the digital ones.
That's interesting. I have three in my enclosure and they all read pretty consistently with each other. They could certainly all be off in the same direction.

Proper airflow/ventilation and proper heating/lighting play the biggest role.
There's a lot of info out there on heating/lighting, but I don't see much on ventilation. Typical recommendations are along the lines of "well ventilated" which is hard to quantify.

I figure with a mesh top and an air purifier running in my stand I'm pretty well covered, but I see a lot of people using DIY enclosures with relatively small vents. They seem to work fine as many seem to use them for years without apparent health concerns.

Do you have any guidelines you use for ventilation/airflow?


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Do you have any guidelines you use for ventilation/airflow?
No, only because temperatures in the tank are usually going to be more important. So, ventilation is usually considered adequate if the temperatures are proper. If you have condensation building up on your tank walls you have a couple issues :)

A normal tank with a mesh top is going to have plenty of ventilation. A DIY enclosure is typically going to be equal to better in ventilation even with smaller vent holes due to placement of them. A convection will
occur, and is usually what is attempted by placing vents low and high.

I have three in my enclosure and they all read pretty consistently with each other.
It would be easy to test, you'd really only need to test one of your hygrometers if the other two agree. I've posted the "Salt Test" a few times over the years for testing hygrometers. If you're unfamiliar with it I can post a guide or a link to another guide on it.



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We are getting a little off topic, but you've piqued my interest and i've already invested too much brain power into my responses so I'm going to move your post to it's own thread in the advanced section :)



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I didn't truely understand the concept of a low humidity environment till i moved here. I can tell you this I WILL NEVER LIVE IN HIGH HUMIDITY AGAIN!!!!!!!! I'm from Kentucky and have lived in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida all. No thank you.

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