Dragon with gout?

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I am 99% sure dragon has gout, I have been giving him cherry and cherry juice when able to and was holding off on live feed to to encourage him to eat more veg, his swelling went almost away but since giving him worm again, it has swollen up again. He has been really active last couple of days (after swelling flared up), even though he is limping, it isn't stopping him running around.
I would like to give him allopurinol as I'm sure that is what he needs but don't seem to be able to buy without prescription, If I ask for vet for a prescription, they will want to do blood tests and consultations so the cost will be a crazy amount.
Any thoughts please? I know my guy needs to have his meat but I don't want to make him worse and just don't know what to do for the best. Please don't judge me harshly I am on a low income and can't afford to keep paying for vets bills,


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Sorry I missed your last post! Is he liking his new bulb I hope?
Just how much has the swelling gone down, & he is still limping? Do you have new pictures of him?
I totally understand about finances, things are overpriced most of the time! Allopurinol can be purchased in tablet form through some
online pharmacies without a prescription but most are out of the US & it takes a bit of time to get but are pretty good. I will send you a
PM for more information. I can help if you wanted to get him started on meds. Are you still giving the black or tart cherry juice extract
for him?

Let us know how he is doing.


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Beardie name(s)
Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Bulb arrived today. the infrared bulb gives out a red light so am looking for a good one to replace it. will try to send link again later, I think the bulb says daytime, wanted to check that it didn't have the coating on that this site said to avoid, think they have just labelled it daytime as opposed to night heating.
The cherries have helped the swelling go down, some days seems like its still a bit swollen, other days seems like no swelling at all. still limping though but been more active and alert.
Example of Clear bright white Exo Terra Intense basking bulb --- or Repti basking bulb by Zoo Med


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That is great to hear your new basking bulb got there today. Just post a picture of it when you can so we can see the type that
it is. I hope he is having a good day!


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