Draco’s first time to the vet

A couple days ago we went to the vet for a fecal and regular check up, just wanna document that and share the experience!

It’s Draco’s first car ride. He’s pretty excited and kept running around. After a while he settled down and just sat beside me til we got there. I brought his blanket, his fecal sample, two blueberries and wet wipes with me.

The vet examined him from head to toe and asked about husbandry, said he’s a good boy for being so calm :D Draco still got spooked and was hanging onto me the whole time while we waited for results. He had a low count of pinworm eggs, which the vet said is common and prescribed 5 doses of medication (for the span of 10 days).I gave Draco a blueberry as reward for bearing with the whole trip. He was so tired and went straight to bed on the way home.

Overall it was a good experience. The vet was specialized in reptiles, was gentle with him, and didn’t push for further tests or medications. They’ve been following up on him as well. Draco’s been doing good other than getting cranky taking his med 😂


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I bet he comes to love car rides, all 3 of mine do, although Zen used to be terrified by them.


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I bet he comes to love car rides, all 3 of mine do, although Zen used to be terrified by them.
I think so too! He was all bright colors and curious glances lol. It’s so fun to watch them experience new things 😄

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