does my beardie have parasites?

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I just got an adult male bearded dragon, and have had him a couple days. For the past few days, i have fed him squash and greens, and today some crickets from petco. Today when i had him out, he took a giant ****, with a disgusting sound, and it was really big, runny, and smelled awful. There were also these weird white things in it, but they looked to big to be parasites, but im still concerned. Does this sound like parasites, maybe he just has diarrhea? or maybe just stress from moving?

I have a fecal sample in a container in my fridge in case it might be parasites. Does this sound like parasites? and if so what should i do?


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If it's a white mass that comes out at the beginning of the poop and looks about the same as the rest without colour, that's normal. It might also be hard and chalky when broken if he's dehydrated.
It's called a urate, and it's the reptile and bird equivalent of pee.

If his poop is super stinky (keeping in mind that poop is supposed to smell anyway), he might have an issue with too much of the natural bacteria in his tummy or parasites, but that can only be determined by a fecal exam.
It might be extra runny because of the squash, it always softens things up in my guys, too. :)
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