do your beardies ever wake up wrong?

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today my beardie woke up just like she normally does, when the sun comes in and she crawls out of the blankets on the bed. but today she was very black and dark, she didnt move around at all and was quite stiff. she normally stretches and yawns but did none of this today. i tried getting her to eat and take a bath but she was having none of this...

i finally put her in her spot on the back of the couch and covered her with a blanket where she went back to sleep, about 3 hours later i woke her up. now she is eating, lighter in color, and finally stretching like normal.

i guess she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

anyone else have this happen with their bearies?

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That happens sometimes. My guys have woken up grumpy from time to time. I keep the lights on a set schedule to help create a routine which tends to help.


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mine is kind of on a schedule. we both go to bed around midnight/1am and wake up around 8:30-9:30. then its shower, food, uvb in her tank (although she dosent stay there long) then its me off to work and her to run around untill i get home. then its normally food again, outside time, and then she sits around the couches and watches tv untill bed again.
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There is something wrong with my beardies left eye!! I included a picture where it shows what her right eye looks like then the others are what her left eye is. She always has it closed (as much as she can) and she finally opened it for a bit when i misted her. I don’t know what i could be doing wrong and it’s not from sand because she doesn’t have it in her cage.
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