Do you guys cover your beardie?

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Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone covers their beardie's tank/viv? I have a 40 gallon viv with a sliding screen on top. but the room my guy is in, sometimes work needs to be done and the lights are turned on. So I was wondering it's ok to cover the viv completely with a blanket or towel, would he still be ok? But does anyone else the same when their beardie goes to bed? I hate getting the stink eye from my guy if the lights turn on while he's sleeping :p


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Honestly, I don't see an issue with it. I have the same type of viv that you do, and needless to say, I remove the light from the cage when it's covered with fabric because it would be a total fire hazard otherwise. During the end of summer, I wouldn't even turn my beardie's infared light on at night because it gives him nothing but warmth, and my room was naturally the perfect 'cool' temp for a dragon to sleep in. In the winter seasons, I still don't see the big issue with cage covering it if your beardie is sleeping at that time anyways, so long as the cage doesn't dip below about 65F =)

65F is a perfect winter temp for me to sleep in; I keep my apartment at 67, and I've used a temp probe in my beardie's viv and it stays +/- 2deg near that temp at any given time, so I would consider trying that. Unless you have a way of keeping the tank at an appropriate heat during the day, though, I wouldn't recommend daytime cage covering with the type of viv you own.

Also, if not throwing a blanket over the viv, you can always try simply putting a blanket over your sleeping dragon. Sometimes I do that, but I'll leave his infared on over his tree because every now and then he'll get out from under the covers and bask for an hour, then dive back under his towel. My dragon hates the cave I bought him, but the second I throw a towel or blanket in the cage he dives under it and snuggles with it until morning, and rarely peeks his head out. Don't let his glare in the photo tell you otherwise =P


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I made a blankey (and a bed) for my beardie....everynight she is tucked into bed and the blankey is put over her completely. I use to leave her head out but she really loves to be totally covered up.


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Yes, I cover Khan sometimes. Although, when I do cover him he gets all lazy and then stays in bed all the next day... silly dragon


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I cover all my dragons cages at night when the lights go out with a towel just to be sure no drafts get in. It probably doesn't help much but it makes me feel better :)


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thanx everyone, i really do appreciate the advice :D I love how everyone here is always willing to help

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We have 5 beardies and they all have their blankies that cover them up every night. We don't have tops on our tanks, as we use MVB's on lampstands. We have our Sweetie in our bedroom, so she's also got towels around her tank, plus she's covered up, so having the light & TV on doesn't bother her. They're all brumating, so being covered means we can live as normal without waking them up. Even if we just want to calm one of them down, wrapping them up in their own blankie always does the trick. They also have their own soft towels to be wrapped up in after bathtime, so they're used to being wrapped up and seem to like it.



Alejandro loves to sleep in his blanket, head covered and all. I think most of them like being wrapped up to sleep. It makes them feel secure and keeps any light in the room from disturbing them :)
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