Do you ever just get frustrated?

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My aunt just got a baby beardie from the pet store after taking care of her sister's baby beardie for a week. I love my aunt very much but she seriously frustrates me! She listens to everything the pet store tells her and when I tell her they are wrong she doesn't listen to me :banghead: She only feeds him 24 crickets a day (the pet store told her 12 a day) and that's after I told her he needs to eat as many as he can in 10 min 2x a day. She complains that he only eats his veggies at night but she leaves a blue bulb on for him at night (because the pet store said she absolutely has to) but then complains that he's not pooping. I tried telling her its because its too cold for him to digest at night and she says "but he has a light" :roll: I also told her she doesn't need the light at night (her house stays above 75) and that its not helping him sleep at all but of course she doesn't listen to that either. She got a UVB light for him but its a reptisun and she didn't put it over his basking area, its on the other side of the cage. I told her that those bulbs aren't any good and that she needs to move the light over his basking area and she says "This is what the pet store told me to get". Because the pet store is never wrong :roll: The only thing she listened to me about is not to use any substrate even though they told her it was ok and that crushed walnut shell or calcium sand was best. She uses repti carpet instead.

We went through this exact same thing when she got her turtles and she didn't listen to me then either. Then when something happens and they end up sick she asks me to take them and make them better!

Do you ever just get frustrated when people ask you for advice and then don't take it? When I brought Emerson home I spent days reading and researching everything I could about beardies to try and give the best home possible and she knows that. I give up!


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Ah man that's terrible! Did I ever get frustrated? Yes, I had to take over on the Kirby care. Bad lighting, substrate, meal worms, etc... I hope you don't really give up on the bd. The Reptisun is very good. The 10.0 is recommended & repti-glo is BAD! Throw some common sense & facts at her like "The bright light constricts the pupils so the uv rays doesn't damage the eyes." Aunt at warming night light..."But he has a light". But it is pitch black in a bd cave, thats why they scratch at night before bedding down. (cave digging) Let's get a CHE just in case it gets below 60 degrees. :shock: Good luck! :mrgreen:


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Oops, I meant she got the repti-glo. I didn't think that sounded right but I couldn't think of the other one. I told her about a CHE but she didn't really seem to care. I'll just keep trying like I did with the turtles and hope nothing goes wrong :(
Direct her to this site!!!! This place is the BEST! People who KNOW helping people with questions. I'm serious. Instead of telling her your 'opinions', pull this site up and let her read for herself from people who own and love their beardies... Let her see the complaints about the 'pet store people' and all the wrong information they give out, and how they end up giving information that kills so many little baby beardies!! That's my two cent's worth... :D :roll:


I had the same thing happen to me yesterday! Although I am a newcomer and new to bearded dragons, I am not new to herps! I spent about 20 minutes in Petsmart yesterday trying to explain to my best friend that her future tortoise would, in fact, need UVB. "But... They already have that. It says right on the box that there is UV in this bulb. They need one UV light on for basking and an infrared light on for heat". :banghead: I tried time and time again to explain that yes, there is UVA in that bulb, but your tortoise will need a UVB bulb as well. UVB is not present in a blue day bulb! :angry5: She just kept saying: "Well I don't understand what the difference is. All I know is that they need UV. Maybe I'll have to do some more research". Ugghhh. I pointed out some of the UVB bulbs to her, but I just couldn't get through to her! She still bought a blue day bulb. :roll: I tried and tried to explain things like how they needed it to absorb calcium and vitamins, the danger of metabolic bone disease, etc. It pretty much went in one ear and out the other. I dropped the argument when she said "My two turtles and my anole never needed UVB. They just had UV. I don't understand the difference." Reason I dropped the argument? Her anole died after less than a year (Life span 3-4 years on average, 8 if properly taken care of) and her red-eared sliders died after less than two years. (Life span can up to 20-50 years!), Hopefully she gets her poop in a group before bringing home a tortoise! So yes, I do get frustrated. :banghead: :lol:


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Yes I get frustrated when people don't listen to me either. I've researched on how to care for beardies, but only thing I haven't is when they're sick and what to do so I ask Tracie for help. She's been real helpful in Melody's recovery from a RI that went away on its own by turning up the heat. But, people should research before getting a beardie and learning that all pet stores aren't created equal. (There's a man who works in a pet store that knows all about reptiles and he loves seeing Melody because she's so vibrant and 'different' because of the UVB I use.) Employees aren't educated properly on the matter of handling and caring for reptiles. So whatever know-how they gained from their training is handed off to the customers who don't realize the employee's wrong. Pet stores only want to make money so they sell you things you don't need. It's a good thing she didn't buy sand and bought repti-carpet instead.

If I were you, I'd rescue the beardie before it dies. That includes taking it away or you can rearrange the tank and show her what you mean instead of telling her. Actions speak louder than words. Do what your heart tells you and do it. Maybe she'll learn, maybe she won't. Heck, when I first started out, the pet store tried to sell me a big tank, calci-sand, and things I didn't need for Melody. I was specific and adamant about everything for Melody. I wanted this and not that! I was so adamant that they had to do things my way because of what I read on here and didn't let them push me into buying things I didn't need nor want for Melody's health. I wish you the best of luck and maybe you both can resolve this soon. I've made plenty of mistakes with Melody before and she's thrived. (When I got her, she had no UVB and it was a few days before I got her one. I spent a lot of time going pet store to pet store, finding what I needed. It paid off.)
UHHHHHHH! That sure is frusturating. One time my friend fed a beardie a wild cricket, after I told her NOT TO FEED THE BEARDIE WILD CRICKETS. And guess what happened. A few weeks later the beardie got a parasite. It had to go to the vet and get medicine and it was not a happy sight. She's better now, but it was still frusturating :banghead: . People just don't do their research! :protest: I honestly at first listened to Petsmart, but then I went into full gear and figured out what to do.
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