Do they kick with their feet?

I have yet to find out how Rocky tosses his salad all around the enclosure. Every time I leave him for more than 3 hours he has a tantrum. I forget to cut the camera on because 3 hours isn't long (to me). When I get home, the salad is tossed all around the enclosure. Rocky isn't the neatest eater anymore but he doesn't throw his salad in this fashion. Has anyone caught their beardie? How do they do it?


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I’ve never actually seen it. But if there are any dead crickets in my beardies food bowl they end up all over the enclosure how that happens I don’t know lol 😂 then I’m stuck cleaning them all up 😒


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Good Morning all...thanks for the reply...I was still cleaning up the salad:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
I finally finished.


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Zen , Ruby & Snicker Doodle
Zen usually knocks his all over with his tail. If they are on a flat plate he literally swims in them. It's messy but darned funny.

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