Do I need a water additive?


For just over 2 weeks, I've been changing Paki's water once a day. I've been using tap water. But, the city water comes from the reservoir and the underground aquifers. The water isn't too bad to cook with or to bathe in. I even brush my teeth with the tap water. My sons used to drink Kool-ade using the tap water and never have gotten sick. I personally don't like to drink the tap water; but, that is just me. I called PetSense and talked with the manager. Of course, he wants to sell me a product called ReptiSafe from Zoo Med. I asked him if this product could be used to de-chlorinate fish tanks. He said no, that I would need to get something different for that.

I looked the product up on Amazon. Turns out that it can be used in fish tanks. But, do I really need it? Yesterday when I changed the water, I did about half tap water and half distilled water. The tap water is pretty clean if you look up the data on our city's water. There are very few contaminants. The city does add fluoride and chloride, I think. Distilled water is the only water that I have that has had all minerals removed. It is the only water that I can use in my steam iron and my cpap machine. Can I use a Brita or Pur? I don't have either one of these items and haven't priced them in a long while. I subscribe to a water delivery program. It's purified through a couple different methods and has had minerals added for flavor.

I'm looking for advice or input from people who have used a variety of things to provide water for their beardies. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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No, you don't need to treat your water. Most people don't bother with a water dish, very few dragons will actually drink from one.
I bath my dragon at least once a week, its mostly for him to drink if he wants. In two months, he's only drank twice.


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Thanks Gail. I haven't actually seen Paki use the water for drinking; but, I have seen him get in the water. The bowl is not a huge bowl; but, he can get in enough that all 4 feet are in the water. By doing this, is he taking a bath when he does this?

Gail Addict
Most likely he just happens to walk through the dish because its right where he wants to walk lol. Some dragons do really like water and will splash around and play.
You should give him a deeper bath, see what he thinks. Only needs to be deep enough to come halfway up his side.

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Likely cooling off in the water dish .

Most of us stop leaving a water dish in our dragons' tubs and tanks because many dragons will start using the water dish as a dunny , they do this when they discover poos under the water don't stink as much.

If your dragon is sitting in the water dish lots , it's time to recheck the tank temperatures ( likely too hot ).

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