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Diy tv stand tank

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Hi everyone! I have a quick question. I read somewhere that bearded dragons should never be in a cedar wood tank, I am not quite sure what kind of wood my stand is made out of since i grabbed it off the side of the road. If it happens to be cedar is there any kind of sealant i could put on the wood to help? Trying to save space and decided to make my giant tv stand into a giant tank for my babies. The top section is going to be Rasputin’s tank, i am going to cut out a section for a ramp for zyms tank, and another section cut out for eddie and bibis tank as well. All separate tanks but all in one area leaving my bedroom with more room. If any one has any ideas on what to do that would be amazing. Thank you


BD.org Sicko
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Furniture typically isn't made out of cedar unless it's patio furniture like wooden outdoor chairs or tables.

But, you'll want to seal any type of wood you use anyways, and sealing the wood will make it safe :)

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