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DIY safe adhesive


New member
Hey all new here and looking for help, I built my bearded buddy a new enclosure, I'm not the best wood worker in the world so my sliding doors have just the slightest gap and was trying to think of a way to seal that gap, I have a coconut fiber which is safe to use and planned to use it as a filler. However c ant think of a way safe way to stick it to the wall, i was thinking sugar water boiled to a decent thickness and using it as glue. Would that be safe to do ? Or any other suggestions?
Thanks! https://photos.app.goo.gl/aqykrd4Qk62mbnARA


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
That's a nice looking setup! I probably wouldn't worry too much about small gaps, but if you want to adhere something over it, any non toxic glue should be OK, especially after it sets. For something like that, wood glue or maybe even elmer's white glue could do the job.
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