Dislocation of hip joint


My beardie Pogo fell off a windowsill a little over 2 months ago and has been walking with a limp ever since. I took her to an emergency hospital within days but the x-rays they took didn't pick up any fractures. Since they didn't notice anything wrong, they told me that the limp was probably temporary. The limp DID get better, but even after 2 months hasn't gone away entirely. Otherwise, Pogo is still very healthy, active, and alert.

Last week I took Pogo to her regular vet and that's when they told me that her leg was actually disjointed from her hip, as in the image below.

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 2.02.04 PM.jpg

This probably could've been picked up earlier, but the emergency hospital didn't have much experience with reptiles...

Has anyone else had this problem before? How did you handle it?

The vet suggested possible surgery, which would involve shaving off the femur to remove potentially painful bone-on-bone contact, but that sounds extreme. I assumed that the leg could just be popped back into place, but that is apparently no longer possible for reasons I don't fully understand. Right now the only other option seems to be to do nothing, which is tempting since Pogo has adapted pretty well and doesn't SEEM to be in any pain.

I'm not sure if I should risk the complications of surgery, and I don't know which option will cause the least amount of pain in the long run. I'm not even sure if Pogo is actually feeling any chronic pain or not, which is the most distressing part of all this. If anyone on this forum has any experience with this condition, or knows a way to contact an expert or vet specialist for more information, I'd appreciate your advice!


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I would hold off on surgery since there's been improvement. Many joints that pop out can, on their own, eventually pop back in. Can you post a video of Pogo walking ?


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This clip was taken a couple weeks ago, but she's still walking exactly the same way now. She can still move her right leg, but doesn't like putting too much pressure on it.


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It looks like she's doing really well, I guess you have to weigh the risks of a major surgery with what you see before you. You can tag the vet tech mod. here , Drache613 to see what she thinks. Of course other experienced owners might have some input as well. Pogo looks pretty good though, not much of a real limp. :)


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I agree with @AHBD about holding off on surgery. He seems to be moving well despite having the issue. Especially since he not black bearded or showing signs of pain


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Poor girl, it doesn't look too bad. Do you have a good UVB source for her?
She probably did knock the hip joint out of place from her fall. I think, eventually, she will improve
in time. I would suggest liquid calcium to help out her bone & promote healing.
You could also try some serrapeptase liquid, to help with the joint & joint capsule as well as pain
management, too.
Did you change her basking area to where she doesn't have to climb as much to bask & get UVB



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Do you have a good UVB source for her?
I have an Arcadia fixture set up and the readings from my solarmeter are good throughout her tank (except in her hide). She gets UVB easily enough on the floor, but she climbs well enough to get more if she wants to. I have a long sling set up as a kind of "ramp" to get up to the basking spot easily.
I've been giving her calcium powder on her food more often lately but I haven't tried liquid calcium before.

I'll ask my vet about serrapeptase, but I'm not sure if Pogo's actually feeling any pain even when walking. Is there any kind of physical therapy that can be done to try to get the bone back into place?

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