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On Tuesday I had a wellness check up at the vet with little Beemo, and she was fine. Clean bill of health off the vet, the vet was very happy with how alert and curious Beemo was too.

Anyway, todays Thursday, and since she's been to the vet she's not really been eating much. I know it's only been two days, but I don't want to let little things go, incase it's something I can help her with/fix for her sooner.

She normally eats about 25-30 hoppers a day (vet is fine with that I double checked), Tuesday she ate her usual, around 26. Yesterday she ate 18 all day. Today, as of right now it's 1940, and she's only eaten 6 hoppers. Which is really unusual for her. Other that the lack of eating there doesn't seem to be any other issues with her. She's still pooping regularly, is still alert, still active, still basking. Just doesn't seem to want anything to do with her hoppers or salad. I've tried letting her hunt in her viv, letting her hunt outside her viv, and even tried hand feeding her. She's just having none of it, and I don't want to end up stressing her out by essentially shoving hoppers in her face.

Nothing inside her viv has changed, the temps are still the same. The lights are all fine. She's not been in contact with other animals, so I can't think of anything that could have spooked her. Except the trip to the vet, but I didn't see any signs or behaviour to suggest that she was feeling stressed out when we were at the vet, or even that night after we got home. Any ideas?


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It's a good sign that she is alert and active. I think you'll find that their appetites will fluctuate quite a bit. This depends on their mood, age, and where they are in growth cycle. As long as she stays alert and isn't losing much (if any) weight then I would just keep making food available and let her dictate what she needs at a given time.
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