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Disinfection after parasites?


I have some questions about what to disinfect in the event of parasitic infections: my beardie has been having very loose stools for the past week that turned into full diarrhea today so I will be getting a fecal and examination tomorrow.

In the event that it is parasitic infection, what sound I be disinfecting beyond the cage? I've established that bleach with kill just about everything that isn't coccidia, I've already disposed of all fabric/permeable items that were inside the cage, and I have removed all wooden items and bagged them up for now. Should I be thinking about disinfecting the room at large where by beardie is housed, or is that not necessary if he has not defecated outside of his vivarium?

Any advice would be great as this is the first time I would be dealing with parasites in the event he does have them.


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
It sounds like you're on top of it already. I wouldn't worry too much about the room, and focus on areas that come into contact with poop. As you mentioned, coccidia is the tricky one, but everything else can be sanitized with a bleach solution. I prefer using a veterinary disinfectant like F10 or Rescue though. Heat can also disinfect surfaces so using a steam cleaner if you have one is an option. Hopefully all goes well with the exam =)


Hatchling Member
Whenever I deep clean the tank I take all the accessories out and put them in the bathtub to soak in a mix of hot water and vinegar. I use Clorox cleanup spray to wipe down the empty tank, and wait for the smell to completely dissipate before reassembling the cage. Repticarpet mat can be spot cleaned with toothbrush and non-toxic cleaner, or hosed off or thrown in the washing machine for thorough cleanings.
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