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Disinfecting driftwood log for pinworms

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Hey all! My boy has had a pinworm infection that he just can't shake. He was on Panacur for a month but still tested positively after completing the medication. I took him back to the vet who said to clean his tank with vinegar/water twice a day, everyday, while giving him another month of the Panacur. I'm happy to keep up with this vigorous cleaning regiment for the month, but I'm a little confused about how I'm supposed to keep his driftwood log clean. I was planning on scrubbing it and then baking it, but I obviously can't do that everyday. Any recommendations? Does anyone use non-wood for a basking spot? Thanks in advance!


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Scrubbing and baking works. Spraying it with F10 or using a steam cleaner would do the job too. You can also use a flat stone or something like that for basking. Don't bake stones though, use a disinfectant like F10 on them.


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When I dealt with pinworms I baked her wood basking log every other day during the treatment. At the end of the day I took out the log, baked, left in oven overnight to cool even though it didn't need all night. Taking the thing out at night minimally disrupted her enclosure because she slept elsewhere inside her place
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